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PPR Vietnam is professional for the production of television and radio programs. We have a team of professional reporters and editors in many fields: Culture - Fashion; Insurance - Finance - Real Estate; Consumer goods; Entertainment
We advise the right programs to convey the message about products - services of customers in the most effective way in many forms such as television news, television reportage - film service product introduction - commercials - TV programs - radio programs and is committed to broadcast successfully on the television-radio system.
We will help you choose the right channel for your campaign, such as VTV's channel system; VTC; Local radio station, VOV radio station, radio channel, online Youtube - Facebook channel.
At the same time we also directly organize the production and production of television and radio programs.
Some of our featured programs are:
A series of Life Insurance Clips to raise public awareness about life insurance has been broadcast on: VTV1; VTC; HTV7; HTV9 ..
2. Milestones and news for the Milo and Nestle Vietnam brands: a dynamic walking event for Vietnam - Bong Sen factory inaugurated - School Football Event
3. Produce news about the real estate chain of Park City
4. Produce a 90-minute live broadcast of "Health Care" on Joy FM

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