Doppelherz's new development strategy in Vietnam

Doppelherz is a leading pharmaceutical group in Germany, after many years of presence in the Vietnamese market, by 2022 the brand decided to increase investment and expand in the Vietnamese market.
In the context of the pharmaceutical market in general and the functional food industry, health care products in particular have a strong development in Vietnam.

Ông Olaf Baumann - Giám đốc Chiến lược Doppelherz Việt Nam.
PPR consulted on communication and branding strategies for Doppelherz brand to enhance the brand's position and gain consumer's trust through many different strategies and tactics.
Build credibility and trust

Sản phẩm của Doppelherz có mặt tại nhiều hệ thống phân phối rộng khắp.
With a careful, sure and extremely strict way of working in choosing a companion, PPR Vietnam is honored to be selected by Doppelherz as a brand communication marketing agency for brands for many years.